Guasha Detox Treatment

Traditional Chinese body treatment more than 2500 years of history. Release unhealthy elements from injured /stressed area. The guiding principle behind gua sha is that this technique has the ability to break up stagnation, to promote the smooth flow of blood in the area, thereby relieving pain. Gua Sha increases blood flow (microcirculation) in the soft tissue, potentially stimulates the body’s natural pain-relieving opioid systems, and it may block the pain response pathways so you feel pain relief. Injured/Stressed area gets Sha blemishes. It will be gone about 3-7 days. for faster remove blamishes, take nice and warm bath or take longer shower.

*You won’t get sha blemishes on your face.

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Back or Parts you would like to concentrate                  

60 minutes $70

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Back for Gentleman or Ease heavy back stiffness for Lady                                      

90 minutes $100

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Whole body for Lady                                                                                                          

90 minutes $100

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Whole body, Face Guasha & Head for Lady                                                              

140 minutes $140

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Whole body, Guasha Facial & Head for Lady                                                            

180 minutes $180

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Gentlemen who wish

to do Earth, Metal and Water.                  

Additional $30 and about 30 minutes longer